Dignity Dreams washable pads provide comfort to women and girls.

Washable pads are becoming an important product in the green economy. We are selling more and more product into Health Shops and online to those of us who are concerned about sustainability.

As an NPO we distribute our pads to at risk women and girls. We LOVE our product and want everyone to use them. They are completely sustainable and eco friendly.

If you love the planet then you too need to use our washable pads.

We also provide menstrual health education to young women, girls, boys, educators, community leaders and parents. We launched an online course during 2020 to enable continued long distance learning.

Dignity Dreams manufactures and distributes washable pads to young girls and women ensuring that entering womanhood is a time of joy and celebration rather than a time of shame and pain.

Each pack contains 6 washable pads. One pad is equivalent to 144 disposable pads over the 48 month period they last.

Founded in 2013 and under the guidance of our dynamic board and CEO Sharon Gordon, Dignity Dreams was registered as a NPO and has grown from strength to strength.

Between 2013 and 2015, approximately 30 000 washable pad packs were funded and distributed to the girls we serve. Since 2016 Dignity Dreams has grown exponentially and between January 2016 and July 2016 approximately 12 000 packs were distributed, with continued month on month growth. COVID has had an impact on our growth.

Despite the challenges we have still been able to distribute packs during the pandemic.

The easiest way to support us without reaching into your own pocket is to link us a a beneficiary to the My School Card available from Woolworths. It is so easy and once we are linked you have to do nothing more. Alternatively sign a debit order for as little as R100 per month. It makes a HUGE difference.


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