About Dignity Dreams

Dignity Dreams provides comfort and menstrual health education to young women and girls. Our washable pads are an integral part of the green economy. Our pads are being worn by those of us who are aware of how unsustainable disposable pads are.

Much of our education and all donations are distributed to disadvantaged and at risk communities. During COVID, it has been increasingly difficult to raise funds for pad donations. Unfortunately periods do not stop during a pandemic and if we do not keep pace, period poverty will undermine the empowerment and education of our young girls.

We manufacture and distribute washable sanitary wear to young girls and women ensuring that entering womanhood is a time of joy and celebration rather than a time of shame and pain.

Founded in 2013 by the late Sandra Millar, Dignity Dreams was registered as a NPO and has grown from strength to strength. Our current CEO Sharon Gordon has been at the helm since June 2017.

Between 2013 and 2015, approximately 30 000 packs were funded and distributed to the girls we serve. Since 2016 Dignity Dreams has grown exponentially and between January 2016 and July 2016 approximately 12 000 packs were distributed, with continued month on month growth.

COVID put a halt to our growth despite this we have managed to keep donating to those most in need. This could not have been done without the help from our fabulous and generous donors.

The most sustainable way to help us continue this vital work is to sign a debit order for as little as R100. It makes a HUGE difference to our endeavors.

Distribution has been across 9 provinces in South Africa with a small amount in SADC and DRC.

In 2021 our campaign #RedMyLips is fun and hopes to raise funds to manufacture and distribute our eco-friendly pads. Buy a Red Lipstick for R100, leave an inspirational message with your Lipograph and share on social media with #DignityDreams and #RedMyLips. Don’t forget to send it to us.

The plan is to compile it into a book and publish. Click here to read more about our campaign.

Founded in 2013 by the late Sandra Millar, Dignity Dreams was registered as a NGO and has grown from strength to strength. Our current CEO Sharon Gordon has been at the helm since June 2017.

In May 2016 Board members attended the Global Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen where it became apparent that Dignity Dreams, with sufficient funding, support and private assistance should expand from our established base in South Africa into Africa.

It is estimated that 62 million women and girls have little or no access to education. Education is further thwarted by little or no access to sanitary wear.

Every woman and girl will as a normal biological function, menstruate for approximately 5 days in every 28 day cycle. This does not stop if there has been a natural disaster, COVID Pandemic or because you are too poor to have a period. Its going to happen regardless of circumstance and Dignity Dreams will be there to help.

Every woman will need approximately 260 sanitary towels per annum, if she changes the sanitary pad four times per day, which is recommended but rarely happens. Whilst disposable sanitary towels are functional, the Dignity Dreams Washable and Re-usable and multi use pads offer a more sustainable and long term solution to a monthly problem.

In 2018 we distributed over 27 000 packs, which is equivalent to 7 776 000 solutions in the next 48 month if the pad is only used once during the cycle. In 2020 despite the pandemic we were still able to distribute packs but education was hampered. We now have an online MHM course available.

One of our pads over a 48 month period is equivalent to 144 Pads! This is a completely sustainable solution to a monthly challenge.

Help us continue our work by signing a debit order or making a donation today.

1 Washable Pad is equivalent to 144 Disposable pads!

In at risk communities, sanitary pads, if available, are very low down on the list of necessities. These disadvantaged are forced to use, paper, leaves, rags or anything else they can get their hands on, often leading to infection.

In many instances young girls commencing their period have no idea what is happening, have no one to turn to and because of myths and shame surrounding this most natural of bodily functions are too afraid to ask for assistance.

At Dignity Dreams we have four goals:

  • Enabling Girls in school. by providing her with washable, multi use pads we give her an opportunity to participate fully in school.
  • Empowering SMEs. Our products are manufactured by sewers who are building their own business. We skill, teach and provide a safe place to manufacture.
  • MHM Education. We teach about menstrual health to young girls, boys, parents, community leaders, influencers and teachers. We are expanding this goal this year. Please purchase your copy of My Body #NoShame to teach a young girl about her body!
  • Sustainability. Our pads last approximately 48 months. For each Dignity Dreams washable pad we replace 144 disposable pads. Our pads are ecologically friendly and should be worn by every woman who care about our planet. We also comply with 10 out of 17 of the Global Sustainable Goals.

The Dignity Dreams Brand not only provides a sustainable solution but includes education in the distribution process.

Your donation will change her life for at least four years.

If you empower one girl she has the potential to empower an entire community.

Dignity Dreams Africa will rely on International Donor funding and Private Partnerships for the expansion into Africa.

In addition to the distribution of the washable sanitary pad, Dignity Dreams further empowers women by manufacturing the product. Manufacturing is completed by previously disadvantage and unemployed women in micro businesses supported by Dignity Dreams.

Through the Dignity Dreams Incubator programme we skill women to manufacture our products and through our licensing model hope to replicate its success across the African Continent.

Everything Dignity Dreams achieves is by the grace and generosity of our donors, sponsors and volunteers, big and small alike. So please continue to donate and sponsor.

Purchase any one of our products for your community or allow us to distribute it to a girl in need.

Whilst we strive to be sustainable we are still reliant on Donors, Sponsors and Grants. Please sign a debit order or make a donation today.

For more information please email info@dignitydreams.com

Purchase any one of our products for your community or allow us to distribute it to a girl in need.