February 5, 2021
Lipograph & how to join the campaign
Lipograph & join the campaign
March 16, 2021
Choose your red

How to choose your RED have lovely lips with Dignity Dreams

‘To all the men and women of every land

Who are not afraid of themselves

Who trust so much their own souls

That they dare to stand up in the might of their own individuality

To meet the tidal currents of the world!’

                                                                Madame Lola Montez

Choose your red. We believe that every girl has her RED.

It’s the instant Kick-Ass of sexy!

To find yours here are some Tips and techniques:

Your skin either has cool or warm undertones. To identify yours – look on the underside of your forearm, are your veins Blue or Greenish?


Your skin has cool undertones. Darker Reds with a Blue tone is more suitable.

Try Dignity Dreams 8


Your skin has warm undertones. Reds with an orange tone are more suitable for you.

Try Dignity Dreams 2 or 5.

Nothing beats trying a new lip colour and changing your entire look. First draw a line of the colour on the top of your hand.

Try a couple of colours to compare. The secret is look at the colours in Natural Light NOT in the store.

Wearing RED may make you feel like you have jam all over your face. Fear not…

All it takes is Attitude! And we all know that the sexiest thing you can wear is – YOUR ATTITUDE!

For the sexiest most kissable lips –

  • Exfoliate your lips daily with a soft toothbrush.
  • Moisturize at Night. Nothing kills a smile or a kiss quicker than rotten teeth or a smelly breath. So take care.

To apply your lipstick for a long lasting smile

  • Outline your lips with a neutral or matching lip liner. You are not Jersey Shore! We do not want to see the outline! NOT EVER!
  • For a long lasting look fill your lips completely using the lip liner.
  • Apply lipstick over the top of the lip liner use a Lip Brush for a more professional finish.
  • Blot your lips with a tissue and reapply.

For an even longer all day look:

  • After reapplication blot your lips with your face powder.
  • Remove excess powder and reapply.
  • With a Q Tip clean and sharpen your lip line.

Lipstick smudge on your teeth?

To prevent:-

  • After final application insert a Q Tip into your mouth.
  • Purse your lips around the Q Tip and remove.


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