Fabric mask Colours
Fabric Mask Colours
June 2, 2020
No: 2 #RedMyLips
No: 2 #RedMyLips
February 10, 2021

Menstrual and Reproductive Health Course



Menstrual and Reproductive Health Course.

The Menstrual and Reproductive Health Course has been designed by the Dignity Dreams Team. It is ideal for educators, parents, nurses, community leaders or learners.

This fun interactive online course covers the subject of menstrual health in 8 modules. On completion you will receive confirmation of completion from Dignity Dreams team and you will be sufficiently equipped to share your knowledge with others.

Register to complete the course today!

It is imperative that the information we share is devoid of myth and taboo and this course does just that.

Once you have purchased the course, we will send you a log  in code which will give you full access.

Your participation allows us to spread the word and dispel myths and taboos allowing women to celebrate this most normal of bodily functions rather than being shamed. Your participation helps us continue the work our team does in the field of menstrual health.

We use the funds raised from course as part of being a sustainable and resourced NPO.