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My school card

My School Card – every swipe counts.

With the Woolworths My School Card you can make us YOUR beneficiary along with two other charities if you choose.

Every time you swipe your My School Card you help us raise funds with NO COST to yourself. It couldn’t be easier and we couldn’t need it more.

Follow these steps:

Get your MY SCHOOL Card from any Woolies – or complete the application form attached below and submit to cs@myschool.co.za or simply hand it in at your Woolies Store.

How do I get a card?

Get your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card in one of four ways by:

  • Downloading our free app
  • Applying online
  • Calling Client Services on 0860 100 445
  • Visiting a Woolworths store

You can download the MySchool App which allows you to register, download a virtual card and link beneficiaries.

If you have a Woolies Rewards Card you can link it to a My School profile. This rewards card can only be used at Wollworths stores. Your MySchool, Rewards and Charge cards can all be linked with Dignity Dreams as your beneficiary. Every swipe counts and we receive a donation with no cost to you.

If you already have a Woolworths card. How do you make sure this card is giving back?

Simply link your Woolworths card to your preferred school or charity. Every time you use your Woolies card, a percentage will be given back. Just remember that you won’t be able to use your Woolies card at other partner stores! You can however swipe your MySchool Card for donations only.

To link your card: Login or Call Client Service Centre on 0860 100 445 or email cs@myschool.co.za.

If you are having trouble linking cards on the App or on the website myschool.co.za chances are that your profile is incomplete so go to the profile and complete your information. I know it sounds like a nightmare but it’s not. If computers aren’t your thing then just call them on the toll free number provided below.

It is extremely important that you nominate Dignity Dreams as your beneficiary – you can nominate up to 3 beneficiaries. Be careful when you nominate as many have very similar names. If you are using the search filter you can put in

  • Dignity Dreams
  • MyVillage
  • Gauteng

This should find us. If you continue to experience problems, please call the call centre on 0860 100445. They are incredibly helpful.

If you already have a card – log on to myschool.co.za and check that Dignity Dreams is registered as your beneficiary.

If you have already completed an application form but have never received your card, please contact the call center between 9AM and 4PM on 0860 100 445 so that new cards can be ordered.

Alternatively have them collect a card at their nearest Woolworths store.

You MUST then email the card numbers and your contact numbers to cs@myschool.co.za. Along with who they wish to support so that it can be activated for you.

I urge you to check that everything has been set up and linked correctly. I have used my Rewards card for years assuming it was linked and only recently found out that it wasn’t and have missed out on all my swipes counting. So please don’t assume – check! It will only take a couple of minutes but will make all the difference to our monthly donations. Percentages paid to the school/charity range between 0.25% and 5% of the purchase value. This adds up really quickly!

You can watch a YouTube Video on how to use the MySchool App – click on the link.

Did you know that the MySchool card can be swiped to make your donation at a number of other retail outlets and on their online store. Builders, Engen Quickstops, Toysrus, Waltons, and many more.

Simply present your card and swipe! Donation made.

Where can I swipe my card?

National retail partners include Woolworths, Engen QuickShops, , loot.co.za and Bidvest Waltons. MySchool cards can be used at many other retailers that support the programme on a regional and local level, with over 1 500 locations nationwide. Remember to look out for the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet sign at pay points of local and regional business partners. Look on the myschool.co.za site for partners in your area.

Why couldn’t I swipe my card at Engen when purchasing petrol?

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet cards can be used at participating Engen QuickShop and all Foodstops, but unfortunately this excludes petrol and diesel purchases.


  • If you have any problems call 0860 100 445 with your query.

MySchool Card Application form


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