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Dignity Dreams Washable Pads Pack with Panties
August 17, 2017
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August 17, 2017

Single Washable Dignity Dreams Pad



Single Washable Dignity Dreams Pad. One single washable Dignity Dreams Pad is an equivalent of 144 disposable pads if you use our pad 3 time during your cycle over a 48 month period.

Dignity Dreams washable pads are the ultimate sustainable solution to a monthly challenge. If you are GREEN and love your environment then this is the pad for you. It is comfy and easy to maintain. Simply wash in COLD water, rub with ‘Sunlight’ Soap, let it stand for 10 min and then rub and wash clean. For the final rinse use salt water that acts as an anti bacterial and softener. Whenever possible dry in the sun as an additional anti bacterial.

You can purchase any combination of pads. Single or otherwise.

We suggest at least 4 to get you through the day and have identified that 6 pads is the perfect number to own in a starter pack.

Ask our team to put your combination together.

Why Purchase our Packs?

Our packs are locally manufactured and comply with several of the GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS. (to be linked to SDG’s in resources section)

The washable sanitary towels and drawstring bags are locally manufactured by previously disadvantaged and unemployed women in their own micro businesses and in our Incubator programme.

Quality control is stringent both during the manufacturing, assembly and packaging process. We want to ensure that each girl receiving a Dignity Dreams Care pack knows that she is valued and that her transition from girlhood to womanhood is one of joy and celebration rather than a time of shame and pain.

The Dignity Dreams Washable Sanitary towel is SABS Absorbency Approved.

The brightly coloured designs are as preferred by the young ladies we serve. They are comfortable, durable, absorbent and above all a sustainable solution to an ongoing monthly requirement.

We welcome additional products to add to the pack including but not limited to hygiene products, salt and soap for washing the pads.

For sponsorship, donations and product placements please contact info@dignitydreams.com

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