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July 23, 2018
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August 14, 2018

Stop being a spoiled brat!

It’s time to stop being a spoiled brat.

One of the biggest objections we hear to every woman using our washable pads is ‘that it’s gross!’

Well have you ever wondered what happens to the used, disposable sanitary napkin you throw inot the bin? No?

Well someone – usually the cleaner, house help or mother has to clean the bathroom bin into the bigger bin. So someone other than you has to deal with it!

And then someone else (usually the same person mentioned above has to deal with it into the bigger bin at which stage bacteria is starting to grow. Then the big bin has to be collected by the garbage collectors. How exciting is that!

Then your used disposable pad is taken to the landfill dump and thrown onto the ground for all and sundry to rummage through. Now this may gross you out but this is how many unemployed, homeless people survive and they have to touch your used pad, sometimes weeks after you wore it.

And then a rat or two will enjoy it and what’s left will take between 100 and 300 years to disintegrate and you think that washing a sanitary napkin is gross? Stop being a spoiled brat!

Your washable pad is touched by only you. It is hygienic as you are! It is simply washed by hand or in a washing machine in cold water. Sterilized with salt water and hung out to dry. It lasts for 48 months if you look after it carefully. When it is too old to continue to use, tear it open and within 6 months it will disintegrate.

Now tell me again which is the gross option?

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