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April 24, 2018
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Menstrual Bracelet from Dignity Dreams



Menstrual bracelet – The Dignity Dreams Menstrual Bracelet is an activity bracelet, it contains 28 beads representing each day of the menstrual cycle.

It is a physical way to track where you are in your cycle. The first red bead is the most important to start the process. When you get to the dark pink beads you will know you are fertile and the black beads represent PMS.

The beads are lose and you have to construct the bracelet. It is a fun way to start the conversation, use as an ice breaker during a period party or how to raise funds for the Dignity Dreams projects and initiatives.

The menstrual bracelet can be purchased as a single item or as a pack of 10. The type of beads in the pack may differ from the picture.

Download the instructions to ensure that you compile it correctly.

The menstrual bracelet can also be used as a welcome to womanhood gift. Let it be the sign of your society.

Team it up with our My Body #NoShame Menstrual education booklet to ensure that she gets all the information she will need when entering womanhood. Help her understand what is happening to her body and dispel the myths and taboos about menstruation. Let’s blaze a trail that women are not dirty because they menstruate. Let’s help everyone understand that.

My Body #No Shame – Click here 

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